About us

Respect for the environment is our core value.


Erik Zobec
Group CEO

After two decades of international experience in refractories, Erik pursued his dedication to the industry with the modern vision in the foundation of Seven Refractories. He is fluent in 5 languages and one of the major shareholders of Seven Refractories.

Patrizia Romagna
VP Finance

Patrizia was appointed as Chief Financial Officer of Seven Refractories in April 2012. Prior to joining the Group, she served as Chief Financial Officer in a Slovenian tire production company. She was Responsible of the Treasury, Payment and Guarantee Departments. She is fluent in 4 languages.


Roman Cheglov
VP Sales and Technique

Starting as Managing Director of Seven Russia country organisation, leading it for several years as expert in the Steel & Iron industry, Roman is now the CSO for Sales and Technics. Also Roman is a shareholder of Seven Refractories and fluent in 3 languages.

Renzo Iuretigh
VP Production

Renzo has led refractory production facilities in countries as diverse as Germany, China, and of course Slovenia. After being the creator of our modern production line, Renzo is now responsible for all our production processes and sites, purchasing, new industries projects and constructions. He is also a shareholder of Seven Refractories and fluent in 4 languages.