Belgium Added to the Global Footprint of Seven Refractories

The long-term Belgian cooperation partner Euroref srl has recently confirmed its firm connection with Seven Refractories by becoming a full business unit. In the process, the company was also renamed to Seven Refractories Belgique.

The move strengthens the position of Seven Refractories within the Benelux countries, important markets for the production of steel and iron and thus the consumption of refractories. “Our existing partnership with Seven Refractories has convinced us of the benefits of joining the group”, explains Karim Bakouche from Seven Refractories Belgique. “The technological edge and the innovative power within monolithic refractories are a major asset for customers in our region. After several years as an external partner, we therefore decided to become part of the group.”

“We are proud and excited to solidify our cooperation with our Belgian partners and to welcome them to the family of Seven Refractories business units”, comments Erik Zobec, CEO of Seven Refractories. “Another strong presence in Western Europe is becoming a major component in our global network.”