European Business Awards


In Europe’s largest business competition, Seven Refractories has been named a National Champion for Slovenia. The award is sponsored by RSM; Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community.


The Awards, now in its 10th year, is supported by business leaders, academics and political representatives from across Europe, and this year engaged with over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries.


Seven Refractories has been chosen after the first phase of judging by an independent panel. They were evaluated on the core EBA values of innovation, ethics and success and will now go through to the second stage of the competition, which includes a video and a public vote.


Erik Zobec, CEO of Seven Refractories comments: “ It is only weeks that we have opened our enlarged facilities in our Divaca headquarter together with Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology. We’re very proud to be now selected to represent Slovenia as a National Champion.”

Adrian Tripp, CEO of the European Business Awards said: “Congratulations to Seven Refractories who have been selected to represent their country as National Champions. They are central to the success of Europe’s strong business community, and have shown the core principles we look for of innovation, ethics and success.”


The next round requires the National Champions to make a presentation video, telling their unique story and explaining their business success. The Awards’ independent judges will award the best of this group the ‘Ruban d’Honneur’ status and the selected companies will then go on to the Gala Final in 2017.


Separately, in a two stage public vote, the videos will be hosted on the European Business Awards website, and the company who receives the most votes in their country will become the ‘National Public Champion’. Last year over 227,000 votes were cast as companies were supported globally by their clients, staff and peers, as well as the general public.


Lead sponsor RSM, the sixth largest network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms worldwide has supported the European Business Awards since its inception. The Awards’ core purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe. Additional sponsors and partners of the Awards include UK Trade and Investment, ELITE and PR Newswire.


In the 2015/16 competition, all EU member markets were represented plus Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Their combined revenue exceeded €1.2 trillion employing over 2.5 million people.


For further information about the winners, the European Business Awards and RSM please go to www.businessawardseurope.com or www.rsmi.com and follow @rsmEBA on twitter.


October 2016

Seven Refractories’ increasing commitment to serving the aluminium industry has recently been recognized with a new dedicated brochure.

The primary aluminium production industry extracts metallic aluminium from minerals. Afterwards aluminium is reprocessed by different factories, which use several type of furnaces for the production of aluminium products or semi-finished products. The cycle of aluminium metal processing is complex and made by various types of furnaces which melt, treat, refine, remelt and reprocess aluminium products, semi-finished products and scrap in many steps.

„It is in these remelting stages that modern refractory products are mainly used, while the primary aluminium production relies on refractory bricks“, explains Marco Tonidandel, who was responsible for the development of the brochure. „Aluminium has a strong affinity for oxygen, which leads to different mechanisms of oxidation of molten aluminium alloys. This can result in the unwanted development of corundum, which can be prevented by the targeted usage of modern refractories.“

The brochure discusses various types of applications from round top charge melting and holding furnaces, tilting furnaces, shaft type reverberator furnaces, electric heating furnaces, channel inducation furnaces, road transfer ladles, and rotary drum furnaces.

A summary table gives an overview of the relevant product range by Seven Refractories.

September 2016



Signs MoU with Dalmia Bharat Group for Advanced Refractories


Divača/New Delhi, August 12, 2016: Seven Refractories has entered into an agreement with the Refractory business of Dalmia Bharat Group to develop and supply a wide range of Monolithic refractories for the Indian market.

With over sixty years of experience in Refractories, Dalmia Bharat group is a preferred partner for refractory bricks and solutions for Indian industry, while Seven Refractories is a leading and fast growing European player in monolithic refractories. The cooperation agreement is intended to lead to a joint venture between Dalmia and Seven.

“We are excited to enter the fast-growing Indian market by partnering with a company that has earned the trust of customers through its knowledge and decades-old experience”, said Erik Zobec, CEO, Seven Refractories. “In previous projects in India, we have build up excellent references and we gained a thorough understanding of the specific requirements of the market.”

“We are committed to bringing the most advanced solutions to our customers. This partnership will combine the strengths of both companies to provide the latest monolithic refractory technology, customized solutions, faster deliveries and localized services to the Indian industry,” said Sameer Nagpal, CEO-Refractories, Dalmia Bharat Group.

Dalmia-Seven Agreement_signing photo_low resolution










Left to right: Sameer Nagpal, CEO-Refractories Dalmia Bharat Group,  Vladimir Bedov, Board VP Seven Refractories and Erik Zobec, CEO Seven Refractories.


About the Refractory business of Dalmia Bharat Group:
The Refractory business of Dalmia Bharat Group comprises two specialty companies – OCL Refractories and Dalmia Refractories Limited. Established in 1954 as a unit of OCL India, OCL Refractories is a leading refractory supplier to domestic and international steel plants. Set up in 1959, Dalmia Refractories (previously Shri Nataraj Ceramics and Chemical Industries Ltd) is a pioneer in high alumina refractory bricks for the Indian cement industry.

The Group’s Refractory business has four manufacturing plants in India, one in China, a Technology Center and sales representatives at strategic locations around the world. The business provides a wide range of refractory products and services to both ferrous and non-ferrous plants, including Iron & Steel, Cement, Glass, Copper and Hydrocarbons.


September 2016

Right after the Grand Opening of Seven Refractories’ extended facilities in Divača, the first audit was passed successfully.


The German manufacturer Riedhammer, leading manufacturer of kiln plants worldwide, has visited Divača and undertaken a thorough audit. The Nuremberg-based company caters to traditional business areas like ceramics and sanitaryware, but also tonew and innovative technologies for the steel and electronic industries. Riedhammer aims to be the perfect partner for customers requiring advanced and reliable technological solutions for all thermal processes, including complete plant solutions, both upstream and downstream the kilns with installation – worldwide.


The company offers the widest range of industrial kiln plants. The profound and long-term experience in the firing of tableware and sanitary ware, anodes, cathodes and electrodes, refractory and technical ceramics helps clients in realizing the best quality for their product.


“We are very proud that Seven Refractories has passed the audit immediately. Our team has worked with Riedhammer very thoroughly. The positive verdict gives also excellent testimony how well the extension of the production, the logistics area, and the laboratory in Divača has gone – and given the short time frame and tough project conditions, this can by no means be taken for granted”, confirms Cesare Angelillo, General Manager of Seven Refractories Germany.


201608 Riedhammer Zertifikat Photo

















Photo: Riedhammer’s Audit Certificate for Seven Refractories

What do rockstars and refractory experts have in common?
They work under challenging conditions like considerable heat and noise, sometimes pull an all-night shift, and are generally not easily intimidated.


As for the feel for music, we now have proof that also there may actually be some more unexpected similarities. During the Grand Opening of the Divača plant extension, members of the Seven Refractories’ family were flocking to Slovenia from numerous countries. To everyone’s surprise, Seven Refractories’ own band took the stage and won the hearts of the audience by storm.


Luca Folco, from Seven Refractories Russia, delighted listeners with fiery guitar sounds. Andrea Bovio from Seven Refractories Italy, provided the full sound on his base to carry the songs. Vladimir Bedov, Board VP, pushed the impromptu concert forward with his steady rhythmic drums. And Roman Cheglov’s double performance on guitar and vocals brought famous classics like “Keep on Rocking in the Free World” or “Personal Jesus” to life – and even an own Seven song.


Of course we had to inquire if this was now an alternative career path for the guitar and gunning heros.

“So Roman, do you think you will trade the mixing machine against the microphone for good?”

“No, I don’t think so. We could never change the exciting life of refractories against being mere rockstars.”

Seven Band Autograph Card


















More information for fans & groupies 

Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sevenrefractories/) to keep up with further performances and potential tour dates!

Check out an ultra-short video here.


Only six years after the foundation of Seven Refractories, the company already celebrated a significant expansion of its main plant in Divača/Slovenia. Seven’s national and global customers will enjoy double the capacity and added flexibility in the future.

Zdravko Počivalšek, Minister of Economic Development and Technology, performed the Grand Opening Ceremony, jointly with Erik Zobec, CEO of Seven Refractories. Divača’s major Alenka Štrucl Dovgan also congratulated to the expansion and the significance of Seven Refractories as an employer and economic player in the region.

The festivities were attended by high-ranking officials, numerous clients and business partners as well as international representatives of Seven. In total, the Slovenian company guests from almost 20 countries and 3 continents.

Strong Commitment to Slovenia

Seven Refractories is already present on four continents and well on the way to become a true global player. In hindsight, the choice to locate the main production site in Divača/Slovenia has proven to be highly appropriate. Located in the center of Europe, in close proximity to the major harbors of Koper and Trieste as well as new motorways, the factory is well poised to serve international demand.
On top of that, Slovenia and the Adriatic region are of course highly popular destinations with customers and business partners, offering an ideal chance to combine business with pleasure.

While the steel and iron market in Europe are under considerable pressure, demand for Seven Refractories’ advanced refractories is still strong. “The market situation is difficult, but we are nonetheless still growing. Therefore we have decided to significantly expand our capacity in Divača”, states Erik Zobec, CEO of Seven Refractories. “Aside from a vastly expanded in house laboratory, we have added a new line and effectively doubled the actual capacity of the popular Seven TAP product. This significant investment made us now more flexible in reacting to customer demand.”

Increased Capacity of Advanced Refractories

With an additional capacity of 9.000 tons of refractory materials per year, the Divača plant of Seven Refractories is now even more responsive when it comes to short-term orders. As the rest of the plant, also the new line is ready to be operated on an efficient three-shift pattern.

“All things considered, planning and construction have taken us six months. Now we see the full benefits”, explains plant manager Renzo Iuretigh. “We are especially proud of our self-developed and dedicated extruder. In order to stay highly competitive, we must ensure that not only our products and our service are cutting edge, but we also need to be on the forefront of production technique.”

The expanded Divača plant will also continue to benefit from Seven Refractories’ strong commitment to environmentally friendly products and production. The solar-powered roof contributes to providing clean energy to the plant.
Seven Refractories strives to fulfill not only its environmental obligations, but also to provide optimal working conditions for the employees. Together with the opening of the new enlarged production and laboratory, also new social facilities were opened.
Official report of the community of Divača with photos

You can watch the report on the Slovenian television channel RTV 4 (from minute 08:00 to 10:00)

11 - Seven Refractories Grand Opening ribbon cutting
Photo: Seven Refractories Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

From left to right:
Zdravko Počivalšek/Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Erik Zobec/CEO of Seven Refractories. Divača’s major Alenka Štrucl Dovgan/Major of Divača, and Vladimir Bedov/Board VP of Seven Refractories

With Seven’s international presence expanding and already covering 4 continents, it is almost a miracle to have a prestigious conference almost next doors. From Seven’s headquarter in Divača/Slovenia to the 11th European Steelmaking Conference & Expo venue Venice, it is only a short car drive.


In May, the conference has opened its doors to experts of steel production, material science, metals, and manufacturing. An important part in the industry calendar, the conference has established itself firmly as a venue to be attended. Among the attendees are academic experts, theoretical and practical researchers, scholars, and industry representatives.


Well before the deadline for abstracts and posters, more than 100 scientific contributions have been received, giving further testimony to the quality and popularity of the event. The focus of the conference is especially valuable in times of economic turmoil.


Marco Tonidandel, Business Develeopment Manager of Seven Refractories, participated together with laboratory leader Mihaela Bregantic and Stefano Sanchetti from Stazione Sperimentale Del Vetro with a paper about ‘Applications of no cement castables in steelmaking’. Over the last years, the advantages of using cement-free castables have convinced more and more refractory manufacturers to face the additional challenges in production. Seven Refractories has been at the forefront of this technological development since the company was founded.


He gave a positive summary of the venue: “Of course I am proud to represent the company and to also contribute to spreading the latest technological ideas. It was definitely a highlight of our conference year.”


10 - Venice Conference EEC

Read more about the conference here:



June, 2016

The AISTECH 2016 was another key event among experts of the iron and steel industry. More than 8.000 professionals and over 500 exhibitors crowded the conference and exhibition halls in Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania in May 2016 and ensured a lively exchange of ideas and trends.

For Seven Refractories, Group Technical Manager Giuliano Copetti participated in the conference and tested the waters for future participation as a speaker. “We found the venue to be a very professional and suitable surrounding to learn the latest trends and share innovative ideas about technology”, comments Giuliano. “We are very much looking forward to visiting the AISTECH again in the coming years and to potentially play a more active role. Next year, the AISTECH will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, home of country music. We’re looking forward to bringing our groove here!”

Ed Burns represented the North-American distributor and was similarly pleased: “The AISTECH is one of the key events in the industry on the North-American continent. We’ve been attending several times, and will continue to do so.

Read more about the AISTECH here:






















Photo: AISTECH Conference                                                                    

June, 2016




The city of Krivoy Rog in Ukraine hosted an international scientific conference on blast furnace production on May 12-13. The conference topic “The Experience of implementation and ways of solving the problems of development of the technology pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces” caused wide-spread interest, and numerous experts met on the premises of PJSC “ArcelorMittal Krivoy Rog”.

The conference heard reports by blast furnace specialists of all metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. Problems encountered during the development of the technology pulverized coal injection into blast furnaces were discussed in detail with potential solutions. Among others, representatives of the companies Paul Wurth, Danieli, and Hatch presented their reports and possible solutions to the existing problems.

Seven Refractories Ukraine was represented by its general director Oleg Tischenko. In his report he summarized Seven’s experience in repair work, including blast furnaces using pulverized coal injection. During the report, a wide range of Seven’s products was presented together with detailed problem solutions developed by blast furnace specialists.

The participants were able to visit the blast furnace shop plant, site preparation of pulverized coal, as well as the site of a blast furnace no. 9 with a volume of 5000 m3 – the biggest in the entire Ukraine.

The theme of the conference sparked wide discussion among the participating experts, representatives of foreign companies and research institutions. Oleg Tischenko summarizes: “We were highly satisfied with the quality of the conference and with our participation. Pulverized coal injection presents a range of problems in blast furnaces, and it was a great opportunity to discuss solutions with experts.”

8 - Scientific Conference on BF Ukraine - grid

Photo: Conference “The Experience of implementation and ways of solving the problems of development of the technology pulverized coal injection in blast furnaces” in Ukraine

June, 2016

Seven Refractories in Russia is a long-standing participant in the ICRM/International Conference on Refractory and Metallurgy. This year, the conference was held on April 7 and 8 in Moscow/Russia at the University of Science and Technology “MISIS”.


“The ICRM is an important date in our yearly calendar”, states Roman Cheglov, Managing Director Seven Russia. “While we are certainly very busy, we cannot miss the opportunity to meet steelmakers, researchers, and other professionals in our field. We especially value the scientific program of the ICRM with its focus on new developments.”


While the ICRM is the meeting place of professionals within the refractory industry, members of adjacent sectors also participate and ensure a lively dialogue. Industries consuming refractories such as iron and steel, aluminium and non-ferrous-metal industries, cement, glass, waste incineration and many others were present at the trade show.

Moscow conference 20160408

Photo: from left to right, 2nd/Philip Kochegura – Commercial Director Seven Russia, 3rd/Tatiana Myrko – Sales Administration Russia/Ukraine Seven Slovenia, 4th/Daria Petrukhina – Office Manager Seven Russia together with representatives from metallurgical plants in Russia

May, 2016













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