1. Steel ladle

Seven’s aim in ladle lining:

  • Develop advanced monolithic products and services
  • Supply solutions according to customer requirements
  • Achieve top performance levels
  • Ensure cost effective results

Steel ladle


Steel cleanliness is safeguarded by high alumina-spinel products


Fully integrated monolithic solutions have been engineered for any steel ladle lining:

  • Low and ultra-low cement castable
  • Precasted pieces ready for use
  • Ramming, gunning and shotcrete mixes produced with selected and high grade raw materials

Steel ladle- grafik

Seven Refractories contributes to minimize costs by lowering the specific consumption and by extending the service life of the ladles.


Steel ladle

All products manufactured by Seven Refractories are designed in compliance with EC legislation in terms of health and safety, as well as emission and wastage impact.






Seven Refractories Steel ladle brochure

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