5. Pre-cast Shapes – Complementary products

For critical areas such as the grate cooler roof and bull nose we can produce monolithic precast shapes in order to provide to our customers quicker start-ups.

pre-cast shapes tabela


precast shapes

Precast shapes

Precast shapes grate cooler roof application_opt

Precast shapes: Grate cooler roof application

The anchoring system

anchoring system1

Anchoring system

anchoring system

Anchoring system

Our anchoring system help to improve the life expectancy of the monolithic areas. We can offer tailor made solutions dependent on the customer’s requirements:

  • Steel anchors (AISI 304 (1.4301), AISI 310 S (1.4845), AISI 309 (1.4828) and AVESTA 253 MA.
  • Anchor bricks (288 mm, 305 mm adn 355 mm) in our quality Seven Brick 60 K.




For the different areas within the cement plant, we suggest a combination of steel and brick anchors be used to maximise efficiency for the various conditions that are encountered.

steel anchors




Insulating products

insulating products

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