3. Smoke chamber – Nose ring – Tertiary air duct

The smoke chamber is a critical area, where build-ups, frequent use of high pressure water pump which causes thermal shock make it necessary to use special refractories.

smoke chamber low cement gunning installation

smoke chamber low cement gunning installation


The nose ring is also a critical area, requiring special monolithic refractory material which has an excellent resistance to:

  • High Thermal Shock
  • Mechanical Resistance
  • Chemical Attack Resistance

Our Seven Cast AS 30 has been developed by our R&D department to ensure the best performance for this critical area along with a very fast installation time.

nose ring tabela

nose ring

Casting the nose ring

casting nose ring

casting nose ring


For the tertiary air duct we suggest abrasion resistant castables for the most stressed areas. For the other areas we suggest to use fireclay bricks.

tertiary air duct tabela

Tertiary air duct. Lined with fireclay bricks.

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