3. Taphole clays


linea tape hole
Cast rate, corrosion resistance and balancing the taphole wear and the renewal of the “mushroom” are all aspects creating synergy between the user’s demand and the producer’s capability.

Special attention is paid to the taphole design and manufacture to ensure stable blast furnace operation and protect the hearth walls.

Seven Refractories taphole clay is the answer to:

  • Daily iron production of up to 12,000 t/d
  • Short intermediate tapping tap time, 20 mins
  • Long operation on the same hole, more than 20 days
  • Easy drilling at the scheduled time, no O2
  • Long stable taphole length, > 1/3 H
  • Low plugging consumption: 3 times (r*r*π*L)
  • Long cast duration, up to 200 mins
  • Low emission into the atmosphere
  • Controlled cast rate

Seven clays are designed for any type of mudgun. Their binding system has an improved temperature threshold preventing hardening in the mudgun barrel and cone.

Four families of products for different requirements have been designed:

Seven Tap 100 suitable for little blast furnace
Seven Tap 200 is engineered for consistant performance in small and medium sizes blast furnaces.
Seven Tap 300 a higher content for anti-abrasives increases the taphole performance and makes it more suitable for medium and large blast furnaces.
Seven Tap 400 is the top grades of the range where the high content os SIC, Si3N4 and carbon make the products suited to extreme operating blast furnace conditions.


All taphole clays are eco-friendly resin bonded based on high aluminia  raw materials.

Fast curing and low emision to the atmosphere ensures the clay asheres to the EC legislation. No special labeling is required.


Seven Refractories Taphole clay flyer

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