5. Power Plants ąnd Incinerators

Making the most of scarce resources, preserving the environment, and using energy in an efficient way are the megatrends of our times.


Fluctuating prices for fossile fuels, uncertainties about the usage of nuclear power, and the threat of climate change have led to a global rethinking of key questions.


  • What are the best sources to provide energy, electricity, and heat?
  • How can we regain and maintain economic growth without further damage to the environment?
  • And finally, how do we ensure our standard of living for an ever growing population?

Well-constructed boilers and modern power plants contribute valuable energy and give their share in an integrated approach to waste management.

Controlled incineration processes under technically optimized circumstances provide one part of the answer.

Read more in our brochure Power Plants and Incinerators.

.21 - First page brochure PP&I

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