3. Reheat furnace

Seven Refractories Reheat Brochure



Seven offers complete state-of-the-art environmentally friendly solution to meet the demands for saving energy along with environmental protection

All the products have been developed to guarantee high quality performance and a high degree of innovation.




Seven Refractories provides a wide range of monolithic products maximazing furnace performance.



Refractory solutions and engineering design for:

– pusher;

– walking beam;

– walking hearth;

– rotary hearth

– boogie;

– tunnel;

– annealing reheat furnaces;


are realized to meet and exceed customer expectations.








Our products are tailored to any cost effective thermal process with the target to enhance the steel surface quality from the simplest stand-alone heat treatment furnace to complete heat treating lines:

• plastic and gunning mixes
• regular and low cement castable
• shotcrete
• precasted pieces

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Camin exhausted gas lining




Seven has incorporated environmental concerns about climate change in its innovative approach to the market; not only in making our factory fully electrically independent by using renewable energy sources, but in the entire manufacturing process cycle and quality control.




Respect to the environment is a core value of Seven Refractories

Selection of the raw materials, dedicated and oriented research, composition
architecture and on the field technical experts are the key-points for outstanding
efficiency and reliability of the refractory linings, excellent control of the thermal
load distribution and low product variability in time.



Walking heart furnac#194C54The construction of any reheating furnace has several solutions, by either adopting the classical brick lining or combination with monolithic materials.

The installation techniques are various depending on materials used, i.e. castin, ramming, gunning or shotcreting. In some furnaces precast pieces may even be considered.



The target in terms of technology, time frame, type of installation and available budget may address and/or influence the engineering solution.

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