Hochkarätiger Regierungsbesuch bei Seven Refractories Asien

November 30 turned out to be a very special day for Seven Refractories Asia in Karaganda/Kazakhstan.

A delegation led by Mukhtar Tleuberdi/Minister of Foreign Affairs, Beibut Atamkulov/Minister of Industry & Infrastructure Development, Pshembayev Meiram, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Mechanical Engineers and Kasymbek Zhenis, Head of the Karaganda region was visiting the plant of Seven Refractories.

“During the visit, the members of the delegation participated in a guided tour of our production and general facilities, and we proudly shared our achievements with them”, comments Maxim Glazunov, General Director of Seven Refractories Asia. “Refractories are a central component to steel, iron, cement production and many other key industries, but how refractories work and what constitutes advanced refractories is normally not known to the general public. So we very much appreciated the chance to welcome such a prestigious delegation recognizing the importance of our activities for important industries and the economy in general.”