Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Foundry Brochures

Melting and casting metals to give them new shapes and properties has been done by mankind for several millenia. From the earliest foundries until this day, constructing and maintaining well-running furnace operations is key to producing the desired end products.

“Today, the automotive industry is by far the main and most important market”, explains Erik Zobec, CEO of Seven Refractories. “But not only in the automotive industry, modern foundries are striving for greater efficiency and flexibility while at the same time reducing emissions. This is very much in line with Seven’s general engagement for the environment.”

The two new brochures “Advanced Technical Vision in the Ferrous Foundry Industry” and “Advanced Technical Vision in the Non-Ferrous Foundry Industry” discuss the most important aspects of refractory usage in the industries.

Seven Refractories provides a full range of refractories to cover all needs of the foundry industry. Among the different products for foundry users, no cement chemical bond refractories are indispensable for the most demanding applications. They are monolithics based on a non-hydraulic bonding system which allows for higher permeability to gases and therefore much faster dry out.

In addition to developing and producing modern refractory products, Seven Refractories also offers its clients comprehensive project management from planning stage to final evaluation.