Seven Tap: today the most environmental friendly and performing Taphole clay
Seven Tap: today the most environmental friendly and performing Taphole clay

Today Seven Refractories produces probably the worldwide most enviromental friendly Taphole Clay.

Tap-clays composition is engineered to produce the “cleanest” product today possible. The control and the reduction of noxious elements contained in some raw materials is assumed by Seven as a strategic target.


Seven run alternative routes to the conventional binders systems to get properties guaranteeing the lowest concentration of carcinogenic compounds possible. The entire Seven tap products range has a concentration of Benzopyren (BaP) below 10 ppm (dangerous working line is fixed in German Ordinance  already above 50 ppm of BaP).

Seven taphole clayThe standard controls carried out at independent and certificated Lab’s located in different European Countries certificate regularly that the eco-binder system used at Seven Divača plant show the lowest concentration of hazardous substances among the large range of products present nowadays in the European market.

Seven Refractories guaranties the 100% quality.

A barcode system allows easy and full traceability of each single taphole clay batch and every raw material is accurately controlled in their specs at the entrance and before the use.


Seven TapThe Seven Refractories taphole clay packaging have been designed to answer to the casthouse operators demand for an easy and convenient work: 2 three-sides cardboards, easy to open, arrange a stable and solid box able to consent the safe overlapping up to 3 batches.

Products in strong cardboards, on wooden pallets covered by waterproof plastic foil ensure a long-life preservation and a valuable spare of storage space.





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