Multicultural management team and experienced international technical support
Multicultural management team and experienced international technical support

The month of January 2011 is of special importance to Seven Refractories. We have moved into our new office spaces within our plant building praises in the business zone of Risnik in Divača. Construction lasted for six months and we are proud that we were able to complete all of the projecting and construction work in such a short amount of time. The office spaces consist of approximately 600 m2, of which 150m2 is intended for a technologically modern laboratory, a dining room and a cloakroom for the workers. We paid a great deal of attention to the needs and welfare of the employees, so we planned a small kitchen on all three floors for their morning coffee and break. When choosing the materials, we selected as much natural materials as possible, which will give a pleasant feel to the users. The Seven site has been built in accordance with the new EU Regulations:

  • High thermal insulation
  • Solar collectors ensuring hot water supply
  • Efficient heat pump system

We use controlled raw materials coming from the most referenced suppliers worldwide.
Our taphole clays utilize exclusively bonded resin system and a matrix based on high alumina raw materials.

We wish to thank the project designers, suppliers and partners who have participated in the construction and furnishing of our spaces. Welcome to Seven in Risnik-Divača!

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