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Ferrous foundry

The complexity of refractory application does not end once iron is produced: For all types foundries we provide highly customized solutions.‚Äč

Ferrous foundries process a wide range of alloys for a variety of applications which all share a similar purpose: to melt and cast a metal in order to give it new shape and properties.

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    Foundries keep evolving as they are driven by their downstream applications. Among them the automotive industry is by far the main and most important market. The foundry equipment has therefore evolved to support the needs of the automotive industry as well as other applications. Aside from the technological aspects of foundry applications, the main drivers of change, innovation, and improvement of foundry equipment are also reduction of emissions, increased efficiency and flexibility.

    Our solutions for

    • Cupola furnace
    • Coreless induction furnace (CIF)
    • Channel induction furnace
    • Press-pouring furnace
    • Channel inductors




    • Coreless automatic press-pouring furnace
    • Cover
    • Rotary furnace
    • Ladle

    Cupola furnace

    Cupola furnaces have been the primary if not the only melting equipment used in foundries for a long time. They can remelt pig iron and scrap to produce different types of cast iron.

    As coke is burnt to generate heat it also generates relevant emissions to the atmosphere. In recent times, considerable efforts have been made towards emission reduction or at least a rethinking of its usage in modern foundries.

    Coreless induction furnace (CIF)

    The coreless induction furnace has become the main furnace in modern foundries due to its flexibility, ease of use along with reduced emissions.

    Size, power and frequency of these furnaces have increased during the years, they can be used both for melting and holding purposes. Silica based linings are dominantly used in to melt iron, while alumina based dry mixes are the most common refractory material in CIF used to melt steel.

    Channel induction furnace (body)

    It is the typical furnace used for holding purpose as a buffer between the casting line and the melting (cupola) furnace. The power is induced through the inductor in the bottom around a loop of molten metal, where failures of refractory lining are most likely to occur.