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Reheating furnace

A complete solution to meet the demands for saving energy along with environmental protection.

The right solution for each furnace

Making the most of scarce resources, preserving the environment, and using energy in an efficient way are the megatrends of our times.

Controlled incineration processes under technically optimized circumstances provide one part of the answer.

Well-constructed boilers and modern power plants contribute valuable energy and give their share in an integrated approach to waste management.

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    Every furnace is different and demands unique expertise

    Numerous clients rely on Seven’s expertise for energy cost reduction.
    Our products improved the lifetime of a wide range of furnaces:

    • Various types of incinerator furnaces
    • Pusher furnaces
    • Walking beam/walking hearth
    • Rotary hearth furnace
    • Boogie furnace
    • Tunnel and annealing reheat furnaces

    Green advantages

    The proper design and engineering, the correct choice of the dense refractories and insulating materials reduce the thermal loss and the fuel consumption inside the reheating furnace.

    ✔  Usage of lightweight castables instead of fibrous materials potentially harmful by inhalation.

    “The way we consume and produce energy is a major concern of our times. Top-notch power plants and reheat furnaces push the technical frontier with a multitude of fuels and applications. This places special demands on the refractory materials used. It is a joy to face and solve these technical challenges for our clients.”

    Cesare Angelillo
    Managing Director of Seven Refractories Germany

    Make a difference with our tailor-made solutions:
    Modern castables, ramming, gunning, shotcreting or mouldable lining.


    Seven offers complete state-of-the-art environmentally friendly solution to meet the demands for saving energy along with environmental protection.

    All the products have been developed to guarantee high quality performance and a high degree of innovation.

    Seven Refractories provides a wide range of monolithic products maximizing furnace performance.

    Refractory solutions and engineering design for:

    • pusher,
    • walking beam,
    • walking hearth,
    • rotary hearth,
    • boogie,
    • tunnel,
    • annealing reheat furnaces.

    They are realized to meet and exceed customer expectations.


    Our products are tailored to any cost effective thermal process with the target to enhance the steel surface quality from the simplest stand-alone heat treatment furnace to complete heat treating lines:

    Research and sustainable development

    Seven has incorporated environmental concerns about climate change in its innovative approach to the market; not only in making our factory fully electrically independent by using renewable energy sources, but in the entire manufacturing process cycle and quality control.


    Raw material selection dedicated and oriented research, composition architecture and on the field technical experts are the key-points for outstanding efficiency and reliability of the refractory linings, excellent control of the thermal load distribution and low product variability in time.

    Engineering and solutions

    The construction of any reheating furnace has several solutions, by either adopting the classical brick lining or combination with monolithic materials. The installation techniques are various depending on materials used, i.e. casting, ramming, gunning or shotcreting. In some furnaces precast pieces may even be considered.

    The engineering solution is influenced by targets regarding technology, time, type of installation, and available budget.