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Seven Shot

Shotcreting: the revolution for steel ladles

Shotcreting for steel ladles is Seven Refractories’ concept to combine the benefits of monolithic lining with those of the original brick working lining.

The repetitive application of repair layers of monolithic castable onto existing brick layers leads to unique advantages for steel makers.

With shotcreting solutions by Seven Refractories, steel manufacturers benefit from increased performance and flexibility, while at the same time reducing cost.

Due to the superior physical and chemical properties of this highly developed dense castable, steel ladle management has never been as easy.

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    The process

    Shot creting is an installation technology combining the physical properties of high-density casting materials of low, ultra-low or no cement refractories with pneumatic spray techniques.

    Seven Refractories System

    • PROJECT DEFINITION: defined specific customer requirement and provide optimum solution
    • PRODUCT PREPARATION: delivery of dry material with constant water requirement and stable mixing time
    • APPLICATION: wet mix, conveyed by a double piston pump through a fixed/flexible pipeline to the application surface, and sprayed onto it through a nozzle of proper geometry and dimension, resulting in a highly uniform protective refractory layer
    • HIGHLY DEVELOPED EQUIPMENT: for mixing and pumping ensures consistently high quality
    • A SKILLED TEAM: of installers and supervisors delivers turnkey projects

    The System

    Refractories specially developed for shotcreting technique show similar characteristics to more traditional casting mixes. However, the specific technology involved makes shotcreting outstanding in terms of time and cost reduction compared to other methods.

    The Technology

    By minimizing the amount of water needed, even the application onto MgO-C bricks is possible. The original brick layer is maintained and works as a “safety layer”.

    Shotcreting enables steel ladle management without any need for molds and additional engineering, consequently resulting in cost reduction and time saving.



    Wear rates of 0,8 to 1,0 mm per heat and potentially „endless“ lining, shot creting has quickly established itself as the preferred method, resulting in up to 30% cost reduction for the steel ladle lining, while increasing performance up to 50%.

    The Seven advantages at a glance

    • No need for developing and using molds
    • Increased productivity by high-performance physical properties
    • Potentially “endless” lining
    • Minimization of dust, waste and complications
    • Shotcreting repair allows quick regeneration of the lining without its full substitution and faster return of the ladle to the operations
    • Most important:
      Up to 30% less COST
      Up to 50% more PERFORMANCE


    Complete Customer Service

    • Preliminary study and investigation for the entire project
    • Design and architecture including bill of materials and thermal calculation
    • Full range of products for lining and maintenance
    • Supply of mixers, gunning machines, pumps, etc.
    • Training on mixing, gunning, and maintenance techniques
    • Training on equipment usage
    • Supervision and monitoring by experienced technicians
    • Global Research & Development
    • Technical advice by experts
    • Monitoring and targeting of results

    Manual Shotcreting

    Robotic Shotcreting